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At CyroNext Integrative Healthcare, we offer high-quality healthcare for many different aspects of health and wellness. Our healthcare facility is led by Dr. Robert Abraham and supported by a talented and dedicated team of professionals, including chiropractic assistants and office managers. With Dr. Robert Abraham's quality services, our patients get the best in chiropractic care and other types of services. Our services include weight loss programs customized by the needs of each individual.


Weight Loss Program

Not only do we provide the best in chiropractic techniques, but we also offer solutions for weight loss programs. Our weight loss programs can be a combination of diet, exercise, and other types of programs. With our weight loss programs, you will be able to achieve your long-term weight loss goals. Our focus is on short-term and long-term results. This means we will help you achieve your weight loss goal and help you maintain it. Whether through a specific diet such as Keto, a cardiovascular program, or lifestyle changes, each individual's requirements are different and require a specific program tailored for them.

The weight loss program at CyroNext Integrative Healthcare includes several aspects, but the core to any sustainable weight loss is nutrition. We specialize in nutritional counseling along with several other aspects of weight loss. A common mistake in weight loss is to starve yourself or do excessive cardiovascular exercises. This can result in a severe drop in metabolism, making it increasingly difficult to maintain weight loss. Our experts can guide you on the best course of action to lose weight. Our programs will be sustainable, realistic, and help you enjoy a weight loss journey. If any of these characteristics are missing, the weight loss's long-term results might be challenging to achieve.

We also offer UltraSlim, a specialized patented type of light that helps stimulate fat cells. Several studies have shown that this type of weight loss program has achieved outstanding results for weight loss. If you would like to know more about Ultraslim, please contact our team at CyroNext Integrative Healthcare.  

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