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Ultrasound Therapy

Helping Your Body Heal with Less Pain and Better Movement

At CryoNext Integrative Healthcare in Oviedo, FL, you'll find that ultrasound therapy is one of Dr. Robert Abraham's key treatments for pain relief plus muscle and tissue healing. It's a comfortable, painless way to help your body heal itself, providing deep penetrating energy to your muscles, nerves, joints, and connecting tissue. Ultrasound therapy is now a standard part of treatment for sports injuries and helps athletes perform at their best. It can help you feel less pain and move more freely, even if you're not currently an athlete. The improvements in overall health and movement we offer help patients stay mobile and fit.


Integrative Healing: What Does Ultrasound Therapy Contribute?

Ultrasound technology uses vibrations at frequencies higher than people can hear. Even though it's just sound, the higher the frequency is, the higher energy waves penetrate your skin and provide vibrational energy to your body where it needs it. It's something like the way your vibrating lounge chair helps your surface nerves and muscles relax, but it goes much deeper. As the ultrasound energy vibrates deeper in your body, it helps blood, lymph, and other fluids to flow and muscles and tendons to relax and strengthen. Ultrasound also allows your body's natural healing abilities to take over between treatments and repair injuries, finish rebuilding after adjustments, and strengthen your muscles. Ultrasound treatment even helps your nerves to respond with less chronic and sudden pain, allowing you to keep moving and improving your overall life and health.

Part of a Comprehensive Chiropractic Treatment Plan

If you've had chiropractic treatment with us at CryoNext Integrative Healthcare, you know that it's the big picture that produces results. Our chiropractor coordinates examinations, treatment modalities, and healing technologies such as ultrasound therapy and applies them to your specific lifestyle and challenges. Our chiropractor also determines where your body needs attention, learn how those problems connect with the rest of your body and how you use it, and then get to work. Ultrasound therapy and our other techniques help us make the chiropractic journey to health a bit quicker and easier. They also help your body feel much better along the way.

Call Us and Get On the Path to Whole-Body Wellness

Dr. Robert Abraham is looking forward to offering you the latest integrative healing techniques alongside traditional healing modalities and chiropractic adjustments as part of your treatment at CryoNext Integrative Healthcare in Oviedo, FL. Contact us with your questions, or just make an appointment and enjoy the way we can make your life better with chiropractic treatments. We're at 407-723-0090.

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