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We value our patients' experience at CryoNext Integrative Healthcare. 

    If you are serious about wellness and recovery, this is where you need to be. One cryo session or compression therapy will take me from excruciating and to pain-free. Add this to your weekly fitness or physical therapy routine, and you will see results.

    Megan Y.

    Wonderful experience! My daughters and I had our first appt today, within minutes of getting out of the chamber my shoulder and neck felt better. Very helpful, informative staff and a regular client stayed chatting to us as she learned it was our first time and we were a little nervous.......she was so sweet! Can't wait to book our next appt!

    Deborah P.

    I have had a wonderful experience with Cryonext! Everyone at the office is absolutely amazing and so helpful. Everyone in this practice will bend over backwards (haha) to help you. I was having awful occipital headaches and I haven’t had one in weeks! (I was getting them almost everyday.) I am so grateful for them and highly recommend them for your chiropractor!

    Erica Hart S.

    I tried Cryotherapy for the first time today. It was a surreal experience and absolutely worth it. The response it had on my body and mind was fascinating to experience. It even carried into my day. It is a very short 3 min.My left shoulder that had been very sore feels much more flexible and relaxed. Thank you Joel, Robert and the amazing team!I highly recommend this to anyone who wants to integrate optimum health and vitality as part of their purpose and passion for themselves and others!Time is wasting. Book your appointment. It will be so worth it!

    Sarah Joy W.

    I have been coming here for over 2 weeks now and I’m learning so much about the different ways to optimize my body’s performance to do what it’s naturally designed to do...to heal itself. As a patient diagnosed with rheumatoid arthritis 25 years ago, I am finding new ways to manage my pain and care for myself from the inside out. Combined with proper diet, exercise and sleep, I have chosen, (after trying the conventional way of taking heavy duty prescribed meds under the car...

    Jonalyn Precious C.

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