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Intersegmental Traction Table

When you're suffering from back pain, neck pain, or strange neurological symptoms, you may know that your spine could use some adjusting, but what kind of adjusting? Chiropractic techniques and technologies have come a long way since the earliest days of manual adjustments, and today's advanced options make treatment easier and more effective than ever. One such piece of equipment is known as the intersegmental traction table. Here at CryoNext Integrative Healthcare in Oviedo, FL, we make use of this device to help our patients overcome a variety of physical challenges.


What Is an Intersegmental Traction Table?

An intersegmental traction table is a special kind of treatment table. Unlike the standard flat, one-piece table traditionally found in physical rehab or other treatment centers, this table is designed to participate in the actual treatment process. You'll also find this type of table referred to as a roller table due to the dual rollers that lie just beneath the surface of the table. These rollers can be electronically controlled to move in a controlled manner up or down the patient's spinal column. As they move, they apply gentle traction to the vertebrae. This action not only mobilizes the vertebrae, but it also creates a bit of extra space between vertebral components while stretching the ligaments and muscles of the neck or back.

Intersegmental traction conveys some extraordinary benefits. Spinal decompression can help to reposition herniated or bulging discs. By shifting these discs away from neighboring nerve tissue, we can use this technique to relieve neurological problems such as sciatica and cervical radiculopathy. The stretching of the soft tissues encourages extra blood flow to these tissues, helping them recover more rapidly from an injury while also relaxing and loosening them.

State-of-the-Art Treatment from Dr. Robert Abraham

Our chiropractor, Dr. Robert Abraham, frequently uses the intersegmental traction table alongside other conservative healing modalities. You shouldn't feel any discomfort from this form of treatment. Many patients find an intersegmental traction section quite soothing, and some experience noticeable relief from their symptoms almost immediately. We will adjust the rollers so that they administer just the right degree of traction for your individual condition and needs.

Learn More from Our Oviedo, FL, Chiropractor

Can intersegmental traction provide you with the missing piece to your pain-relief puzzle? There's one sure way to find out. Call CryoNext Integrative Healthcare at (407) 723-0090 to learn more about this technology and schedule an appointment at our Oviedo, FL, office. We want to serve as your source for safe, effective, drug-free, non-invasive care!

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