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At CryoNext Integrative Health in Oviedo, FL, we believe in the healing powers of hot and cold therapy. Dr. Robert Abraham uses it to reduce pain, decrease inflammation, and improve the body’s ability to heal itself. There are many benefits to hot and cold therapy. Read on to learn more.


What are Hot Therapy and Cold Therapy?

Both hot therapy and cold therapy have health benefits. Hot therapy is a procedure used to dull many common types of pain. It is effective in treating body parts that are sore, stiff, or cramped. Hot therapy acts as a natural muscle relaxant to improve your range of motion, making it especially useful for athletes. It provides relief to anyone suffering from osteoarthritis or a similar condition. 

Cold therapy is generally used to treat injuries like sprained ankles. Any injury that occurs quickly calls for cold therapy as opposed to its hot counterpart. The reason cold therapy relieves pain is that it restricts blood flow while hot therapy promotes it. Cold therapy is meant as a short-term pain management solution. Following an injury, cold therapy is typically only needed for three to four days. It can be used many times a day, but only in short spurts. 

When to Use Which Therapy

There are certain situations where one or the other type of this therapy should be avoided. If you are diabetic, using cold therapy is not recommended. This is because it could damage your nerves, preventing you from being able to tell when something is wrong with you physically. If you have an open wound, it should never be treated with hot therapy. You should also avoid this type of therapy if you have hypertension or heart disease. It's also not recommended for anyone who has multiple sclerosis, dermatitis, or deep vein thrombosis. 

How Our Chiropractor Uses Hot and Cold Therapy 

Our Oviedo chiropractor may use cold therapy along with other types of treatments such as ultrasounds and exercise therapy. Cold therapy pairs well with spinal manipulation in managing and eliminating physical pain. The combination of the two treatments can be effective in relieving irritation in your nervous system. Another way our chiropractor can relieve your pain is by administering a combination of hot and cold therapy along with electrotherapy. This stimulates blood flow to the parts of your body where you are experiencing pain.

Chiropractor in Oviedo, FL

If you are interested in hot and cold therapy in Oviedo, FL, Dr. Robert Abraham and the rest of our team at CryoNext Integrative Healthcare are ready to assist you. For more information or to schedule an appointment, call us at (407) 723-0090.

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